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In our present social economic setting many people are struggling with what might have otherwise have been day to day ordinary issues. These struggles are unique and individual to each person. However these struggles can be boxed or labelled with titles such as ‘depression’, ‘anxiety’, ‘panic attacks’ and such conditions which could also be related to stress, brought on by the pressures of everyday living. Individuals may feel out of control in relation to their own lives. These feelings can be so overwhelming that individuals can feel they have no power in their own lives. Here at Rosebud Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre in Claremorris, Co. Mayo we explore these issues and find a way forward, which empowers the client to again make positive choices which are beneficial to achieving the outcome they need at this time.

Are there things in your life you would choose to be different?
Are you unhappy with one or more aspects of your life?
Do you feel powerless with certain issues in your world?

If something is not right!
If you are unhappy with some aspect of your life, (or all aspects)

What are you prepared to do about it?

Options; Accept it and continue to be unhappy!?


We work with clients from all over the world including Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales, USA, Australia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, France although we are based in the Connaught region in the west of Ireland, servicing locally Ballyhaunis, Knock, Castlebar, Kilkelly, Kiltimagh, Galway, and al accessable regions.

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